how to obtain its ip address ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 24 00:06:54 CEST 2004

Cameron Laird wrote:

> In article <H-ednTX8EdQsdETdRVn-gg at>,
> Peter Hansen  <peter at> wrote:
>>marco wrote:
>>>I'd search a lot ... but i had not found
>>>how can i obtain my ip address (when i'm connected to the www) ?!
>>You can probably search the archives for this list/newsgroup to
>>find more complete answers (and hints about how else to solve it),
>>but the short answer is "you can't".
>>The longer answer is that (a) machines can have multiple addresses
> 			.
> Even more details appear at <URL:
> >.

Thanks Cameron.  That's a pretty good page (especially if you like
TCL), and it doesn't even get into issues relating to SNAT/DNAT,
routers, firewalls, and the like, which many of us are behind these

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