Templating engine?

Pierre-Frédéric Caillaud peufeu at free.fr
Tue Jun 22 09:09:42 CEST 2004

	Ah, simple.

	I think Zope is an enormously complex, difficult to learn software which  
can apparently do anything, but is so complex to use you can really only  
use already-developed modules. Besides Zope is more suited to sites chere  
people edit articles. I also don't like it because of ZODB, which is  
basically a reinvented, slower filesystem, and also because it forces its  
mode of thoughts upon you.

	On the other hand, Skunkweb is just a framework, it does what you want  
(beautifully), and doesn't get in the way the rest of the time. You should  
try it...

> Pierre-Frédéric Caillaud:
>> 	google skunkweb
>> 	really nice, cool, fast
>> 	powerful embedded templating engine
>> 	full power of python (not at all like Zope)
> Would you care to elaborate on the differences with Zope?

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