How do you feel ?

Cy Edmunds cedmunds at
Tue Jun 15 00:47:08 CEST 2004

"Sylvain Hellegouarch" <sh at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> A bit off topic.
> I just wondered what was your feeling when you were coding with Python.
> I have beebn coding with different languages and the only that has given
> me the will to invent or to be creative has been Python. Python allows
> me not to focus on the complexity of the language itself.
> Of course, from time to time, I find something that is not clear to me
> but indeed after a couple of research you find the information you were
> looking for.
> I love that language and above all, I love using it.
> Sorry for this little spam but it is always good to acknowledge good
> things and not only complaining when it doesn't work.
> Thanks the Python team.
> - Sylvain

I feel vaguely guilty, as if I were cheating somehow. Isn't programming
supposed to hurt more than this?


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