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>> > Strangely enough, I never needed the datetime and calendar module
>> > before, so I just looked at them today.
>> Me too.  datetime was exactly what I wanted.  Until I realized that it
>> wasn't available in the 2.2.3 installation I needed my code to run in...
>Yeah, that's a problem. I've been avoiding putting a date type adapter
>in the Python version of FIT for exactly that reason. Which brought up
>the question of whether it would be possible to back-port it, and I
>found that it was a C language module. Sigh.

Sorry, I am new to Python, but I have a requirement for date
manipulation in an app that will need to run in 2.2, so I am
interested in the data functions of the latest release as well.  When
you say that it was a C module, are you saying the library of date
functions in the latest version are written in C?  Does this somehow
stop us from back-porting it to 2.2 or 2.1 python?  I would be very
interested in seeing the C source code for the date routines, along
with the routine descriptions - where can I find that?

 - Chris

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