Encryption with Python

Lev Elblert elbertlev at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 23 22:45:31 CEST 2004


I'm also puzzeld with your results. Here is a little test script,
which generates 16mb array and scans it.

import time
s = 'C'
print time.clock()
for i in range(24): s += s
print len(s)
print time.clock()
for c in s: pass
print time.clock()

When I run it on 500mg P3 the output is:


on 1.6 P4 it runs 4 seconds.

I'm new to Python and learnig it. Can't you publish the code? If the
crypto method you are using is a secret, please give the basic idea,
how did you achived such a speed.

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