Newbie Copy Question

Michael Geary Mike at
Thu Jun 10 05:13:05 CEST 2004

> Stacy wrote:
> > Thanks for the response, Peter!  Another reader helped me
> > out, too, but I figured out what the problem was...the folders
> > and file names are case-sensitive!  Once I changed documents
> > and settings...blah blah blah to Documents and Settings blah
> > blah blah it worked just fine.

Peter Hansen wrote:
> My guess is that you've misinterpreted what happened, but I've
> been wrong before.
> Windows is almost never (ever?) case-sensitive, though it does
> tend to preserve the case of filenames (sometimes, when it
> wants to). Unless the jump drive is somehow case-sensitive,
> I doubt this was the problem.

This depends on the filesystem, but all of the filesystems in common use on
Windows are case-preserving (all of the time, not just when Windows "wants
to" <g>) and case-insensitive.

> Note that if you were still using backslashes, and include paths
> that had escape sequences in them, switching to upper case
> would avoid the bad side-effects of the backslashes, leading
> you to think the paths were case-sensitive when they really
> weren't.
> That would mean that any paths that had components following
> a slash that began with \a, \b, \f, \n, \r, \t, \v, \x
> (give or take a couple) would magically appear to work when
> converted to \A, \B, etc.

+1 (insightful!)


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