Am I crazy regarding the style guide for function names?

phil hunt zen19725 at
Sun Jun 20 01:02:49 CEST 2004

On Sat, 19 Jun 2004 10:05:03 -0700, Michael Geary <Mike at> wrote:
>Peter Hansen wrote:
>> Judging by the wording of the "function names" section before
>> and after the edit, the earlier version which "allowed"
>> mixedCase names was merely being descriptive (saying what
>> the codebase currently looked like), while the new version is
>> being *prescriptive* (attempting to force a particular style by
>> defining it as the standard).
>> Personally, I don't like the change, but I also have no intention
>> of paying attention to it.  Now that the editor and tab-wars are
>> over, we have to have _something_ to argue over, don't we?  ;-)
>I'm glad I'm not the only one. :-)
>ClassesLikeThis and methods_like_this sounds like a way to make everybody
>unhappy: people who hate MixedCase and people who hate
>Ruby uses exactly this same convention. I have no idea why.
>Myself, I'm sticking with ClassesLikeThis and methodsLikeThis for my Python
>and Ruby code. (I don't like underscores at all!)

How do you find Ruby? From what I've read of it, it has some nice 
features, and is similar to Python in many ways. Do you find it is 
so similar that you get confused between the two?

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