kid wants to know more about color on the screen

Doug Mitchell jmjm at
Sat Jun 12 14:35:52 CEST 2004

Dear Group,

My son who is in grade 7 has *just* started going through the book "Python
for the Absolute Beginner" by Michael Dawson. He and I have no programming
experience. He is beginning this on an old win 95 computer with Python 2.2 I

He is getting a bit frustrated with color coding.
For example in Chapter 2 page 18 and 19 Mr. Dawson describes a more fancy
way of printing "Game Over" on the screen.  According to *him*...

When I type the command:     print "Program 'Game Over' 2.0"
                                              print \

Instead of getting the second "print" to turn orange, like it's supposed to
when you type in a command, it just stays black. And when its time to
actually run the program, Python just prints out Program Game Over 2.0
instead of the fancy large text like that is shown in the book.

Later on he says that strings within quotes will be green as expected and
then all of a sudden on the next line it will stay black :(. And when he
does a run script there will be a syntax error as Python wont recognize this
'black' string but then on another occasion the 'black' will run ok :(.

I am sure my inquiries are quite vague but I am trying to piece together
some of his 'groans and grunts' :(.

Any suggestions or other info you need from him?

Thanks for your advice.


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