PythonWin: WM_GETMINMAXINFO modify LPPOINT doesn't work?

Robert k.robert at
Thu Jun 10 12:16:33 CEST 2004

I want to set a minimum tracking size for a dialog, by handling
I managed to overwrite the correct memory location of the MINMAXINFO
structure. I see the right values going really in and out, but it
doesn't take effect like it does in mere MFC code. What could be the
reason?  (Also tried WM_SIZING but also no effect) - Robert

    def WM_GETMINMAXINFO(self,msg):
        print "WM_GETMINMAXINFO", msg
        ymin=ext.GetMemInt(lp+7*4)   # min tracking size Y  
        ymax=ext.GetMemInt(lp+9*4)   # max tracking size Y
        print "ymin",ymin,ymax
        print "ymin",ymin
        return 0  #True

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