Python memory use (psyco, C++)

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Jun 21 18:28:33 CEST 2004

I understand that psyco significantly increases memory use.  Is that for 
code or data?  More specifically, if I've got a memory intensive 
application (it might use 100's of Mbytes of data), should I expect 
memory use to go up significantly under psyco?

Also, for that memory intensive application, how should I expect Python 
memory use to compare with C++?  I'm really only interested in data; the 
memory needed to store the code is almost certainly insignificant in 
either case.

The data is a large number of small objects, interconnected in various 
data structures, not just one huge block of raw data.

I know all of the above is very vague, but I'm just trying to get a 
rough idea if a Python implementation is feasable (or at least 
plausable).  If a C++ version takes 300 Mbytes and a Python version 
takes 1 Gig, that's probably not going to work.  Are there any rules of 
thumb I could use to get a first-order estimate?

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