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Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Wed Jun 30 09:40:14 CEST 2004

Ajay wrote:

> hi!
> I am developing an application where the user will progressively create a
> template file, each time progressively adding more information
> i have explored echoing form data back each time using hidden fields and i
> cant user a db.
> What approach would you suggest? i suppose i could use cookies but then i
> will have a large number of name-value pairs. With files, comes the
> expense if disk I/O.
> Also if i use files, is there a way to write an object to a file, i.e,
> serialize an object and read/write to/from a file.
> thanks
> --
> Ajay Brar,

Without more detail, its hard to say, but off the top of my head I'd
suggest keeping the name-value pairs or template entries in a dictionary
and then saving the dictionary object via pickling ...

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