setting icon using py2exe?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Jun 30 17:23:09 CEST 2004

On 2004-06-30, simo <simoninusa2001 at> wrote:

> I think you have to have win32all/pywin32 installed to do
> resource/icon handling.

I do.

> This works fine for me on Windows 98SE/XP/2000:

Are you sure it works on 98SE?  Others have reported it only
works on NT/2K/XP.

> setup(
>     windows = [
>         {
>             "script": "",
>             "icon_resources": [(1, "hellow.ico")]
>         }
>     ],
> )
> If you can't get this to work, you could just include the .ico file
> using data_files=["hellow.ico"], and then create the shortcuts,
> pointing to the icon, using your install program, e.g. InnoSetup
> (kinda like I do under Linux).

I've done that.  The desktop icon and start menu icon are set
by InnoSetup, but the icon doesn't show up in the window banner
or in the task bar.  I was assuming that setting the icon
resource in the executable would fix that.

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