zope acquistion

Michael Bernstein zopemaven at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 19:12:46 CEST 2004

Tim Peters wrote:
> [snip] mail.zope.org and mail.python.org are the
> same physical machine, and it's on its knees fighting floods of spam,
> viruses, and bounces from spam and viruses forged to appear as if
> had been sent from a python.org or zope.org address.  The load
> was 70 last week, but the sheer mass of junk mail actually makes it
> I/O-bound.  The good news is that nobody has time to work on it
> <wink>.

/me wistfully wishes once more for 'official' public non-usenet server
for the Zope community...

- Michael Bernstein

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