Templating engine?

Graham Fawcett graham__fawcett at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 21 22:29:10 CEST 2004

Rene Pijlman <reply.in.the.newsgroup at my.address.is.invalid> wrote in message news:<m668d0t4ttuok13s1mba3lvv0j0ekcj3uc at 4ax.com>...
> Aahz:
> >If you're already doing req.write(), it'll be easy to shift to Quixote.
> The question is: is this irony or sarcasm? :-)

I wasn't going to participate in the "my favourite templating engine
is the one for you"-fest, but I can't let incendiary comments about
*my* favourite go unchallenged... ;-)

Aahz is right: if you're comfortable working at the level of servlets,
then Quixote is an outstanding choice.

Although Quixote includes its own templating alternative (PTL, kind of
a templating scheme turned inside-out), it's quite template-agnostic.
Quixote has been used in conjunction with Cheetah, ZPT, stan (well,
something like stan) and others. Or use none of the above, and just
write pure Python to handle your requests.

It's CGI on steroids; servlets without the subclassing; lo, it is the
One True Solution to All Your Web Programming Needs; you'll wonder how
the Web ever got built without it.

this-ad-has-been-approved-by-the-Quixote-campaign-manager'ly yours,

-- Graham

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