left-quote ( ` ) on International keyboards [Prothon]

Mark Hahn mark at prothon.org
Mon Jun 7 07:48:00 CEST 2004

Tuure Laurinolli wrote:
> Mark Hahn wrote:
>> What does deadkey mean?
> The same as 'combined key' above. It doesn't immediately produce
> output, instead you can press some other key after it, ` + a = à, and
> you can produce the literal with ` + space.

Thanks.  I can see where the name comes from.

I never thought of it being used as an accent mark.  I always thought of it
as a crummy left-quote.  That explains why it is always drawn so high.

We are thinking of using it as a marker for "symbols" in Prothon.  They are
like strings but can only be legal variable labels: `var, `init_, `x,
`account_balance, etc.  I think in our application they look good and won't
be mistaken for quotes since they don't come in pairs.  They are readable
and distinquishable in this context.  Also, symbols won't be used that
frequently so typing won't be too much of a pain.

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