Python for AI: OWL and CLIPS anyone?

Edward Hartley ed_hartley at
Tue Jun 1 15:16:49 CEST 2004

there used to be a CLIPS wrapper working but it is for the older
bindings circa Pyhon 1.5-1.9 IIRC googling the python site will pull
up references like  

although the forward references are now broken.
I did track down the  original version again though on starship

The revised version 2 seems to have dropped out of view completely now.
I can confirm that the original interface version did expose CLIPS to  
successfully though I'm not convinced that passing objects between  
is an effective approach.
There is something else you should probably look at as well

which uses the SWIG CLIPS wrapping
so Python -> SWIG -> CLIPS is feasible
essentially the approach adopted in the earlier effort.

Hope this is of some use
Ed Hartley

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