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>>    * it appears to be FREE (which in a high school environment is 
>>mightily important) from both python.org or activestate.com. I think I 
>>like activestate's ide (under Win98) a bit better than idle, but your 
>I haven't looked at Activestate, but it may be the right choice if you
>are using Windows.  Qt Designer is free only on Linux.  I think there
Many ActiveState resources for Python are both free of
charge and available for Linux (and Solaris and ...)
<URL: http://activestate.com/Python.plex >, not just 

One consideration in all this talk of "teaching GUI
construction" is to emphasize Web applications.  The
biggest surprise to me in this thread is that that
hasn't been taken more seriously.  I suspect that's
where my daughters will start, if they ever choose to
try out development.

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