Python Wiki & wiki Hosting?

Mahrt, Dallas dallasm at
Mon Jun 7 23:52:24 CEST 2004


> It got to the point 
> where many of the developers would cut the information out of 
> the text area, work on it in Emacs, and paste it back.  The 
> end result being that many changes were not made without a 
> great deal of nagging on my part.


So do you really want a WYSIWYG editor or maybe just a way to plugin wiki
editing to a text editor. I could imagine a plugin for your favorite editor
that could perform the necessary http code to get the contents of the wiki,
make the changes in the editor and then post the contents bback to the wiki.
Similar to how many FTP plugins work yet more complicated.... Actually I may
have just found a cool project to work on. WooHoo!


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