Python IDLE Question

tony.ha at tony.ha at
Wed Jun 9 12:41:05 CEST 2004


I have a question about Python IDLE, when I run a Python script under the 
Edit Window of IDLE, i.e Run -> Run Module,
I have the following Message:

IDLE 1.0.3 
 Warning: HOME environment variable points to
 but the path does not exist.
================================ RESTART ================================

1. What does this Warning about?  Do I need to set my HOME variable to 
some where else?
If so, where?

2. "but the path does not exist" What does this refer to? what path?

NOTE: I run Python IDLE under Windows XP, and I check the environment 
variable, there is NO HOME variable in the environment!

By the way, the scripts run ok under IDLE, just curiosity about this 

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