left-quote ( ` ) on International keyboards [Prothon]

Christophe Cavalaria chris.cavalaria at free.fr
Mon Jun 7 00:38:36 CEST 2004

Mark Hahn wrote:

> Can users with international keyboards tell me if they have problems
> typing
> the left-quote ( ` ) character?  It isn't used much in Python but we are
> thinking of giving it a slightly more important role in Prothon.  (I'm not
> going to say what that role is here to avoid starting another 300 message
> thread like I did last time :-)  If you are curious you can go to the
> Prothon mailing lists at http://prothon.org).

For French keyboards, it's "Right ALT + 7" sometimes followed by a space
( yeah, sometimes it's a deadkey like ^ and " are )

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