eZ80 - correction [z80 vs Python thread]

Janusz U. nopsoft at poczta.onet.eu
Sat Jun 26 10:34:21 CEST 2004

> I think Python is too large a language for such a small processor.

I know that Z80 or eZ80 aren't so powerfull like other 32-bit processors.
But eZ80 can have eg. 1MB flash memory and 512kB RAM (it has 16MB memory/IO
space!). Speed in my application isn't critical.

> Among embedded developers, FORTH is a favorite script language since
> implementations can be extremely compact and efficient.  There are
> several Z80 implementations already existing.  Programming in Forth is
> pain compared to Python though, in my opinion.
thx, but I think about future - compatibility... (Puthon supports a lot of


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