any trick to allow anonymous code blocks in python?

Doug Holton insert at
Sat Jun 26 06:37:12 CEST 2004

Christian Tismer wrote:
> Looks like a problem with an interface for users.
> Do you want to make the definition
> of actions in a GUI simpler for your users?

Right, that is what I was trying to do.

> In the latter case, it is probably simplest to define
> a smallish sub-language by a few rules, and create
> proper Python functions at initialization time?

That's a great goal, creating a simplified python dialect that can be 
converted to regular Python syntax and bytecode.  It's a little outside 
of my reach right now though.  And prothon which was mentioned recently 
is incompatible with the python "virtual machine".

I just saw recently someone made a bytecode hack to allow for decorators 
in Python:
and I just thought I'd ask if anyone had done anything similar to allow 
for code blocks, but I guess not.  No big deal.

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