How to get decimal form of largest known prime?

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Wed Jun 16 03:08:03 CEST 2004

[M.-A. Lemburg]
> The version that comes with mxNumber is GMP 3.1 which
> AFAIR does not have the multiplication optiomizations
> you were mentioning earlier in this thread. GMP 4.x should
> be a lot faster... but then people usually don't print
> large prime numbers every day :-)

People who use GMP every day might surprise you <wink>.

> FWIW, we're not working much on mxNumber anymore since it
> was basically a toy project to research decimal number
> interfacing in mxODBC. The licensing issues basically put
> us off here, so we're still waiting for a nice C level
> interface to one of the decimal type implementations
> for Python out there.

There should be a standard Decimal type in 2.4, but there won't be a C
interface at first (it's pure Python code -- in Python CVS
sandbox/decimal/).  mxNumber isn't the same thing, but I've enjoyed
using it since you first released it.  Thanks for doing it!

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