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Sun Jun 13 18:58:07 CEST 2004

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>I love Python, but I'm less than in love with IDLE. It's OK, but it
>really doesn't have enough capabilities.
>What I consider critical, are a popdown listing of all my functions,
>colored syntax printing, and a right-click 'definition' context menu
>that will hop you to the spot where that keyword is defined, if
>possible. Everything else I could learn to do without, but these
>features keep me hoping for a better IDE for Python.
>I'm used to the Microsoft Visual C++ debugger, and though tooltip
>variable debugging and intellisense were nice, they broke often enough
>that you couldn't rely on them anyway, so I don't really need those
>I would also like the ability to create application 'forms' visually.
>I'm on a Windows XP machine.
>Any suggestions on what I should install next?

I'm a fan of UltraEdit.  To achieve the desired functionality, you'll 
need to add the optional Python "wordfile" (syntax highlighting and 
function list) and ctags jumping to symbol definition).  You'll find it 
at  I can't recommend anything for the form designer 
but following the other poster's advice I'm now looking at wxglade.

Ian Parker

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