Readable Persistance?

Diez B. Roggisch deets.nospaaam at
Mon Jun 21 16:56:34 CEST 2004

Chris S. wrote:

> I'm trying to write programs that make use of a lot of dynamic
> structures. To aid in debugging and data extraction, I'd like to persist
> these objects in a form that's readable, but one that also preserves
> handles (ie for lambda expressions, dictionaries, lists, etc). Using the
> pickle module, I can more-or-less accomplish the latter, but not the
> former. YAML can accomplish the former to some degree, but still can't
> represent handles. I understand the inherent difficulties in
> representing complex objects in a human readable format, but is there
> any way to do this with Python? Any help is appreciated.

Never actually tried it, but isn't there a xml-variant for pickling? Maybe
that helps you.



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