Compilers/Interpreters books?

phil hunt zen19725 at
Fri Jun 25 00:20:52 CEST 2004

>Hrvoje Blazevic wrote:
>> Hrvoje Blazevic wrote:
>>> Are there any good books on Interpreter/Compiler construction, using 
>>> Python as a defining language out there? Something like Essentials of 
>>> Programming Languages 2e ?
>>> I would appreciate some pointers
>>> -- Hrvoje
>> After 48+ hours without answer, am I to assume that no such books exist, 
>> or that the Python itself is not up to this task?

I'm currently writing a compiler in Python, and have previously 
written a code generator in it, so I can verify it is up to the 

A good reference for compiler writing is the "Dragon Book", more
formally _Compilers Principles, Techniques and Tools_ by Aho,
Sethi and Ullman. It doesn't give Python code examples, but you 
don't need them; once you know the concepts, you can apply them in 
any language.

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