Python Wiki & wiki Hosting?

Doug Holton insert at
Sat Jun 5 22:46:28 CEST 2004

Eric @ Zomething wrote:
> I am looking for guidance on the quick and easiest path to set up a Python wiki.
(and wiki hosting)

You need to purchase a shared web hosting account that allows you to run 
CGI scripts and gives you shell access (not just ftp access, you connect 
using an ssh client), such as at, but of course there are other 
hosts to choose from.

Then you can install moinmoin or phpwiki or pmwiki or whatever you want.

But here are some free solutions: lets you start a wiki for free
-if you have a cable internet connection and the cable provider allows 
it, you can run the wiki engine off your own computer.  There are some 
standalone wiki engines that make that easier, but installing the apache 
  web server and php/python is easy too.  Then use a service like so you have a permanent domain name to point 
people to your wiki.

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