Newbie Copy Question

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 10 15:50:31 CEST 2004

Michael Geary wrote:

> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>Windows is almost never (ever?) case-sensitive, though it does
>>tend to preserve the case of filenames (sometimes, when it
>>wants to). Unless the jump drive is somehow case-sensitive,
>>I doubt this was the problem.
> This depends on the filesystem, but all of the filesystems in common use on
> Windows are case-preserving (all of the time, not just when Windows "wants
> to" <g>) and case-insensitive.

You're right... I was confusing myself because of the
behaviour of Windows Explorer, where it will magically
change the appearance of filenames that are ALLCAPS
depending on the setting of some flag.  It's not really
changing the name, just how it's displayed, and it's
not a filesystem thing anyway, as you say.


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