[python] Is there a python written fax program out there?

William Park opengeometry at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 8 22:16:07 CEST 2004

David Stockwell <winexpert at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I was in a meeting and someone mentioned they were looking for some 
> software whereby they could run their own fax server (ie a computer with a 
> modem, someone sends a fax, and the software convertes it to an image and 
> drops it in an email box).
> I'm posting this here incase someone happens to know of a python 
> implementation or other language implementation that is either free or for 
> sale?  If so, I'd like to know where to get them.
> Thanks

Efax.  You can use Python to call it.  Search Freshmeat.net for exact

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