exchange data between events

Ferry Dave Jäckel dave at
Mon Jun 28 10:39:02 CEST 2004


I'm relative new to wxPython and advanced python programming.
I have gui app and several time consuming computations, each running in its
own task. I want to display some intermediate results, so a computation
needs to update some data which in turn can be displayed by the gui.

I don't want to use wx events, because any of this computations can be
executed stand alone without any reference to wx (even without any
threading). But I don't know how to tell the gui (or main thread) there's
new data to display, and how to exchange this data between worker thread
and main thread in a save and elegant way.

I have the feeling that "everything is a pointer in python" is one of the
main concepts needed to solve this problem.
Any help with this design problem would be great!

Many thanks,
        Dave Jäckel

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