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>>>>> Adam <adamc at> (A) wrote:

A> I have tried to send this to the tutor mailing list, but it
A> seems to be down at the moment. 

A> I have a subclass I want to create- my intuition told me
A> that it would be done like this:

A> class MainClass:
A> 	class SubClass:
A> 		code...
A> 	subclassinstance = SubClass()
A> mainclassinstance = MainClass()

A> But it seems that this isn't going to work. I'm reading a
A> couple of Python books, but they don't seem to cover this
A> topic very well (I don't see any coding examples).

I can't imagine that the Python books don't tell this.

A> What is the best way of creating (coding) subclasses?
A> Alternatively, is there any good documentation on the web
A> for doing this? 

I guess every Python introduction tells you:

class MainClass:

class SubClass(MainClass):

mainclassinstance = MainClass()
subclassinstance = SubClass()
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