problems with module Cookie

Manlio Perillo NOmanlio_perilloSPAM at
Fri Jun 4 11:11:45 CEST 2004

On 01 Jun 2004 20:28:03 +0100, jjl at (John J. Lee) wrote:

>Manlio Perillo <NOmanlio_perilloSPAM at> writes:
>> On 31 May 2004 01:56:10 +0100, jjl at (John J. Lee) wrote:
>> >> This is very simple to do with httplib and Cookie modules, so why to
>> >> use more involved modules?
>> >
>> >No reason at all if you're happy with it, of course.  That was what my
>> >"Cool" was meant to communicate.
>> Of course I agree with you for all other cases, but there exist
>> programs that really needs only low level library.
>Was that not what I said?  Sorry if I'm not making myself clear!

I'm sorry but I not a very expert in english language...

>(What follows is unrelated to your (quite unnecesary!) extended
>defence of your use of Cookie in your script, but just by the way of
>commentary on the points you make)
>> Actually, ad example, standard Cookie module is low level. 
>Yes.  The low-level stuff it does is not not always the right thing
>for client-side code, though.


>> It only parses key=value pairs, and, more important, it is 'other
>> library' neutral. 
>Same goes for ClientCookie.  The interface required of request and
>response objects is defined in the docs.  

Ok, but I don't want to write additional code for implementing request
and response interface...

>For doing what ClientCookie
>does (automatic cookie handling), I don't think it can get much

Ok. But my program is already very simple using Cookie.

Thanks and regards   Manlio Perillo

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