does python have useless destructors?

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>Objects with a __del__ method shall be reference counted.  When the
>reference count reaches zero, the __del__ method shall be called, and
>any subobjects that have a __del__ method shall also be unreferenced.
>The point at which the memory allocated to the object is freed is
>largely irrelevant.  The point is that there's a predictable time at
>which __del__ is called.  This is what enables the RAII idiom.
>Now, this could be tricky to implement because we are now separating
>the concepts of "destruction" and "finalization".  But it's certainly
>not impossible, and it would add a powerful new concept to the
>language.  So I don't think the idea should be rejected out of hand.
>Is this clearer?

Problem is, that's exactly the situation we currently have in CPython, so
I don't see what the improvement is.  Are you suggesting that Jython
change its semantics?
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