python -- question with list.pop(0)

David Stockwell winexpert at
Mon Jun 7 14:06:28 CEST 2004


I'm getting an error 'oops an error pop from an empty list'

However I am printing the contents of the list right before i am attempting 
the pop and there are items in the list.

The weird thing is the list looks different than i expect it to be.

code snippet:
--- begin snippet --

          ourFile = open(fileNamesList[0],'r')
          strData =

          records = []

          # do we need to use \r\n????

	  print "split 0.5"
	  print "records '%s'" % records
=== end snippet ====
at this point the output looks like this

'[['this is line 1', 'this is line 2', 'this is line 3', '' ]]'

I don't understand why two [[ list symbols are showing up, its like its a 
list of lists?

Then when I attempt to pop the first element I get the error.

Probably the problem is somehow related to having [ [  ??

What am I doing wrong?



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