Python on a thumbdrive

TuxTrax arctic at
Sun Jun 6 13:41:13 CEST 2004

Christophe Cavalaria <chris.cavalaria at> wrote in message news:<40c2389a$0$21557$626a14ce at>...
> TuxTrax wrote:
> > I tried setting pythonhome from Bash:
> > 
> > PYTHONHOME="/mnt/sda1/python/python2.3"
> If you did it like that it's a mistake :
> $ PYTHONHOME="/mnt/sda1/python/python2.3"
> $ /mnt/sda1/python/python
> Do that instead :
> $ export PYTHONHOME="/mnt/sda1/python/python2.3"
> $ /mnt/sda1/python/python

Thanks, that did the trick except for one remaining error on startup.

I moved the python executable into the python2.3 directory (which is
inside a directory simply called "python"),  with the other python
files and directories. I then used the following line in my .bashrc

export PYTHONHOME="/mnt/sda1/python/python2.3"

I don't get the errors on the internal and external component loads
when I start up python now, but I sill get one last error: 'import
site failed'; use -v for traceback

Yet '' and 'site.pyc' exist in the python2.3 directory. When I

>>> import site

after the initial python import error on starting python up, There are
no errors or complaints from python, and the module seems to have been
loaded in just fine.

Thanks for the help,


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