how to get memory info from python?

Andy C a at
Mon Jun 7 04:44:44 CEST 2004

I posted a similar question awhile back but have not been able to get any
info.  I wanted to see if Python could be embedded in game consoles -- but
the lack of memory info is a dealbreaker.  If you look in google there are a
lot of people asking this same question with no info!


"Gardner Pomper" <gardner at> wrote in message
news:mailman.637.1086562751.6949.python-list at
> Hi,
> I'm pretty new to python, but I have not found any way to find out how
> memory is being used by my python application. I have some fairly large
> to load in and I am concerned about hitting the 2GB limit on my 32 bit
> processes.
> I would like to have the program check itself for memory usage. I know I
> get the memory information from a 'ps -l'. Btw, I will be running on AIX
> linux, although I may do some development on Windows.
> - Gardner

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