python applets?

Doug Holton insert at
Thu Jun 3 22:45:18 CEST 2004

Russell E. Owen wrote:
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>  Doug Holton <insert at> wrote:
>>Andreas Røsdal wrote:
>>>Is there such a thing as python applets for web browsers? (eg. such as
>>>java applets?) I think that could be useful.
>>No, there was a web browser project called Grail that allowed python 
>>applets, but it is was abandoned.
>>I think the main issue is security.  Right now there is no official way 
>>to restrict what a python program can and cannot do, such as delete a 
>>file on the hard drive.
>>One thing you can do in Python that you cannot in Java however is embed 
>>a user's web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla) in your 
>>Python program.  In some cases that is more desirable.
> How do you do that?

You can use your platform's native component architecture (ActiveX, 
Kparts, or Bonobo) from Python to embed (or create) controls like a web 
browser, PDF viewer, or a multimedia player.

In Windows, you can embed Internet Explorer in wxPython using ActiveX, 
see the wxPython demo.  In Linux (and hopefully other platforms in the 
future), you can embed Mozilla in wxPython, see wxMozilla:
Also in Linux, I believe you can embed the Konqueror browser or any 
other Kparts compatible things using PyQT and PyKDE, but I'm not 100% 
sure about that.
Lastly, I'm not sure if you can do similar things using PyGTK and 

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