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Sun Jun 13 20:12:21 CEST 2004

Ian Parker <parker at>
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>> I love Python, but I'm less than in love with IDLE. It's OK, but it
>> really doesn't have enough capabilities.
>> What I consider critical, are a popdown listing of all my functions,
>> colored syntax printing, and a right-click 'definition' context menu
>> that will hop you to the spot where that keyword is defined, if
>> possible. Everything else I could learn to do without, but these
>> features keep me hoping for a better IDE for Python.
>> I'm used to the Microsoft Visual C++ debugger, and though tooltip
>> variable debugging and intellisense were nice, they broke often
>> enough that you couldn't rely on them anyway, so I don't really need
>> those features.
>> I would also like the ability to create application 'forms' visually.
>> I'm on a Windows XP machine.
>> Any suggestions on what I should install next?
> I'm a fan of UltraEdit.  To achieve the desired functionality, you'll
> need to add the optional Python "wordfile" (syntax highlighting and

I like UE too, but does its syntax coloring support Python's triple qutes? I
couldn't get it to work.

> function list) and ctags jumping to symbol definition).  You'll find
> it at  I can't recommend anything for the form
> designer but following the other poster's advice I'm now looking at
> wxglade.

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