POP3 and email

Paul Schmidt wogsterca at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 6 21:34:07 CEST 2004

William Park wrote:
> Paul Schmidt <wogsterca at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>>Dear list:
>>I am new to python, and I am trying to figure out the short answer on 
>>I want to open a POP3 mailbox, read the enclosed mail using the POP3 
>>module, , and then process it using the email module.
>>Environment Python 2.3.4, Mandrake Linux 9.0 patched up the wazoo...
>>There is some stuff that isn't clear here, can I pass the POP3 message 
>>directly to email for processing, or does it need to be saved to a 
>>temporary file somewhere first? The emails being received will consist 
>>of headers, a tiny amount of text, and one or more MIME attachments.
>>Let me explain the project, and then this should all make sense.
>>I havc one or more people going to an event, they will send emails to a 
>>special email address, of stuff to go on a website.  This is an HTML 
>>page, which could have one or more photos attached to display in the 
>>page once the HTML is processed, the whole thing gets FTP to the web.
> Probably, HTML form would be better interface for this kind of thing.
> But, in any case, you have Linux.  This also means you already have
> Procmail/Fetchmail/Sendmail at your fingertips.

Except that the HTML page is attached, it's not the message itself, and 
could be contained in an archive along with the pictures.  Problem with 
Procmail/Fetchmail/Sendmail, is the you the need to read the mbox file, 
which is fine if the email module can do that.


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