know how to install GMP properly for usage by programs ?

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Mon Jun 28 07:30:07 CEST 2004

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> Hello pythoners I followed the directions on how to install GNU GMP
> for windows (below and on the URL) 
>  and I don't notice any
> performance Perl one is supposed to place this in the code:
> use Math::BigFloat lib => 'GMP';
> But I notice zero difference in calculation speed..I realize this is a
> python board, but I am wondering if there is anyone who knows how to
> verify installation, or any tricks to ensure the library is actually
> being used, like executing the program in the GMP directory or
> something..  any tips would be appreciated..
> Thank you,
> Jasper Marzin
> ******************
> Installing GMP on Windows:
> Install latest Cygwin. Make sure that you choose to install "gcc",
> "m4" and "make" since the default installation doesn't include them.
> Download latest GMP from GNU MP to ${gmp_download}. 
> Run "Cygwin Bash", unzip and untar GMP into ${gmp_build} using
> following command:
>   cd ${gmp_build}
>   tar xzvf ${gmp_download}/gmp-x.x.x.tar.gz
> Configure GMP for compilation: 
>   cd gmp-x.x.x
>   ./configure --prefix=${gmp_install}
> Build GMP: 
>   make
> Install GMP header files and lib files: 
>   make install

I've followed the course outlined here

but my build of Perl is 5.8 built with VC++ 6.
You will need another module
Math::BigInt::GMP, also found at that link.

good luck,

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