eZ80 - correction [z80 vs Python thread]

Janusz U. nopsoft at poczta.onet.eu
Fri Jun 25 16:27:57 CEST 2004

> Why not start from Stackless Python and thus have a multithreaded
> language which is well suited to automata on your uc ?

thanks, I'll try.

> Python won't do threads on your Z80 because it relies on the OS, and you
> have no OS...
> Stackless has threadlets which use little memory (you need that) !

Yes, I think it maybe critical in final application.

> > Perhaps you could look at the pippy project which is python on a PDA.
> > They will have had to shrink python down, maybe you could use that as a
> > starting point.

I'll compare that. eZ80 has sometimes implemented OS like linux kernel but
I'm afraid I don't use it.

thx again

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