Python reference

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Jun 4 22:40:53 CEST 2004

Reiner Block wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>>And to find keywords in the index of the Python docs, you could use
>> <>
> <ironic>really great this documentation.</ironic> I'm searching and searching
> for two possibilities: test if a string is a number (integer) or to strip
> leading and trailing blanks. But it is impossible to find in the documentation
> how to do it. :-(  Really: I never saw a worse docu as this one.

Search for "strip" will give you the second. The other is more difficult 
to find like this - its isdigit. But both can be found easily be saying 
help(str) from the Python prompt.
The problem is that you've misunderstood the purpose of this web page.
> Angry greetings

There's no need to be angry! He made a page that other people can find 
useful, and you didn't find it useful. He didn't set out to harm you...


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