any trick to allow anonymous code blocks in python?

Mark Hahn mark at
Sat Jun 26 08:26:29 CEST 2004

Doug Holton wrote:

> Mark Hahn wrote:
>> I'm not trolling for Prothon users, since Prothon isn't ready for
>> use anyway, but I'm curious why you have to use the Python
>> intepreter. Can you fill me in?
> You know better than me, but last I checked, in prothon you can't use
> any of the wealth of python bindings to 3rd-party code libraries.
> Perhaps eventually either prothon could be made compatible with
> python, or SWIG/Boost/Pyrex etc. could be made compatible with
> prothon so that it would be easy for example to compile wxpython for
> prothon. wxprothon.

Oh, ok.  I thought you meant there was some inherent reason you had to use
the Python interpreter no matter what.

When I said Prothon wasn't ready I was including lack of 3rd-party libraries
as one reason.  We hope to have all the big ones on board by early next
year.  SWIG, Boost etc. will be the obvious places to start to get leverage
on a lot of libs.

We plan to have wxWidgets (what used to be wxWindows) as our standard GUI
when we release 1.0 late this year.  The only thing keeping it from being
our standard might be how hard it is to install on Linux.

In any case we will have our own wrapper for wxWidgets.  We hope to have
cool new wxWidget wrapper features that take advantage of our native OS
threads and some of our unique language features like functions-as-commands
and caller access (kind of like macros).

It's easy to brag about it now.  We haven't started on it yet. :-)

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