Pythin createprocessasuser -- OpenProcessToken, 'Access is denied.'

Roger Upole rupole at
Tue Jun 15 23:52:41 CEST 2004

No, AdjustTokenPrivileges doesn't actually add privileges.
It just enables privileges that you already have that aren't enabled
by default.  Administrative privileges (SE_SECURITY_NAME, SE_TCB_NAME, etc)
generally aren't enabled by default. You can use
to add extra privileges to an account. (You can only do so from an admin
of course)


"Ivan Voras" <iv at> wrote in message
news:campmv$hih$2 at
> Roger Upole wrote:
> > You'll probably need to call AdjustTokenPrivileges before LogonUser,
> > you need
> > SE_TCB_NAME enabled for the calling process.
> Can processes started under users that don't have that privilege acquire
> just like that?

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