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Wed Jun 9 11:03:10 CEST 2004

aahz at (Aahz) wrote in news:ca527j$c47$1 at

> The data must be stored in a plain text format that would allow direct
> access if the main system was not functioning.  This doesn't necessarily
> imply the ability to circumvent a web based layer by editing text files
> directly, though there does need to at least be an easy way to export
> and import such files for people who want to use a Real Editor [tm].

If you use Zope/Plone then you can set up a ZEO server with multiple Plone 
frontends. Then if for any reason your main point of access is down you can 
access the data through an alternate frontend. You could for example have 
the main site which gives read-only access to everything, and a secondary 
site for those people with permission to contribute. These could be running 
on completely separate Zope servers so if one is taken down the other is 
not affected.

Giving access to edit via a real editor is a separate issue from allowing 
access when the main system is down. That can be done by a variety of 
methods (such as the ZopeExternalEditor product).

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