Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at
Thu Jun 10 05:54:17 CEST 2004

Aahz wrote:

> The team for is taking another crack at considering a
> content management system for handling the website's content.  


> Right now, Plone/Zope2 is the primary competitor simply because it's
> well-publicized, but none of us really has that much experience with
> websites whose core maintainers are going to be programmers.  ;-)  We'd
> like to know if there are other packages available that can do what we
> want; we're more interested in getting information about each package
> than in package comparisons.  We're also interested in hearing about
> experiences creating custom systems.

My experience creating a custom system with Quixote was very good. It is 
simple, appears to be meant for developers and is easy to pick up. If 
the current is built using some kind of text to html 
scripts it should be straightforward to port it to Quixote.

Quixote is not a CMS. It is a nice interface between Python classes and 
the web. It does have session management. All CMS-like features would 
have to implemented, but if you're dealing with reading and writing text 
files, it should not be hard to do. Consider that Zope has a fairly 
steep learning curve and customizing it by people not familiar with it 
might take a substantial effort anyway. Though I must admit that I 
haven't used Zope for a couple of years.



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