Just a reminder Jython Forum

A Evans NoBoDy at NoWhErE.cOm
Wed Jun 30 21:53:01 CEST 2004

Hi I would just like to remind people and tell them about my forum on Jython
and tell them a little a bit why I started this forum

First let me say I am not working as a programmer I offer web design and
development however - But I am far from being a true programmer. I am a
newbie when it comes to programming. But like most new people to the world
of programming I want to offer something to the open source community. That
is why I am offering my web space for people to share information on Python
and Jython in particular.

I would like to set up a user base that supports the Jython Community I am
looking for people right now to help promote and possibly become moderators
for this forum

Should you want to do this or contribute in anyway to my Jython forum please
contact me post a message in the forum or whatever

my Email is maboroshiATdccnetDOTcom

and my web site is http://www.pacificflame.com



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