Python version of Net Peep?

Brad Clements bkc at
Sat Jun 26 19:23:03 CEST 2004

Hope this isn't too off topic.

I recently read (in the past week) about The Network Auralizer (also known
as Peep or Net Peep)

(peep project on

"""Peep is a network monitoring tool that represents network information via
an audio interface. Network diagnostics are made not only based on single
network events but whether the network sounds "normal". """

I think in whatever blob or page I read, it mentioned another project that
does a simiular thing that I have not been able to find.

Anyway, I could not find the other project so proceeded to setup Peep from
cvs. After a lot of screwing around (Fedora Core 2)  and trying to learn
some Perl (like, how to download from CPAN .. no clue!) I finally got it to
make a bird sound.

I have no more time to place with this software, but the concept is
interesting. I have some questions.

1. Has anyone used this software or a similar system on a regular basis? Is
it just a "geeky neato idea" that isn't practidal in the long-run because
it's annoying?

2. Are there any other projects out there that do this and work better?

3. I bet Python has all the parts we need to do this now.. Has anyone tried
to do a similar project in Python (even if not finished) ?

Novell DeveloperNet Sysop #5


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