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Thu Jun 10 15:04:27 CEST 2004

Denis S. Otkidach wrote:

>On 8 Jun 2004, Aahz wrote:
>A> The team for is taking another crack at
>A> considering a
>A> content management system for handling the website's content.
>A> This is
>A> particularly important considering, for example, how far
>A> beind we are in
>A> posting job ads -- getting the community to do our grunt work
>A> for us is
>A> the primary motivator.

          I administer a site ( using postnuke 
(, it's very easy to use and can be customised 
using PHP.  It does have limitations (as do all CMS packages) but it 
really does cut down the amount of time I have to spend mucking around 
with the site.




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