ANN: reminder for Bay Area Python Users Group meeting this week, June 10,2004

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Agenda: Python's Type System
Speaker: Bruce Eckel
Where: Carnegie Institute of Washington, Stanford CA

About the talk

Bruce will be repeating his keynote from PyCon DC 2004. From the PyCon

    Many people observe that type checking is a religious discussion best
avoided. I often agree, having started more than my share of fires in this
area. However, there are a few issues surrounding types and type checking
that capture the essential distinctions between programming languages.
This understanding makes the pitfalls worth the risk, so in this talk I
will look at various issues and arguments surrounding the concept of type,
and in particular examine the phenomenon of 'latent typing' (often called
'weak typing'), why the concept is powerful, and how it is expressed in
different languages. In the process, I will attempt to clear up many of
the issues that have arisen during attempts to describe Python's place in
the spectrum of language features.

For driving directions and more information, please visit the Baypiggies
web site at:

We hope to see you there!

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